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Legal support for foreign trade

D&D FEA Legal support - participants of foreign economic activity often need expert advice of customs clearance specialists and lawyers at various stages of conducting foreign trade. The company's specialists will help you to simplify customs clearance significantly, provide the necessary advice, and offer the best solutions.
  • We offer the following legal services: 
  • selection of commercial schemes of foreign trade transactions and testing the best ways of their implementation; 
  • preparing  new contracts or analysis and revision of the existing ones; 
  • legal advice on foreign trade, composing letters, requests, complaints to the state authorities, representing the interests of the customer in courts;
  • selecting and delivering to the customer legal acts and other information documents on  customs legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • development of technology for the customs clearance process under conditions of different customs regimes;
  • acquisition of preliminary classification decisions of the Federal Customs Service of Russia;
  • consultations on completing  a pack of documents to confirm the declared customs value for submission to the customs authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • assessment of risks and tax consequences associated with foreign economic activity;